2005 Calendar

Rotary will present the Citizen of the Year award at
Christmas in the Pass, War Memorial Park, Friday Dec 2, 2005.
Nominations are being accepted at Rotary Club of Pass Christian
Attn: Citizen of the Year P.O. Box 88, PC MS 39571.

Rotary Annual Toy and Doll Fund donation letters will be mailed Friday, Nov 25
We need donations to fill our goal to reach at least 150 kids – and we could serve many more than that.
Trey Campbell --


Whitson Christy, President
John Harris, At Large
Ron Weatherly, Past-President
Steve Dodge, Club Service
Dayton Robinson, Secretary
Dan Emmons, Secretary
Holly Ainsworth, Treasurer
Juliet Jassby, Sergeant at Arms
Trey Campbell, Community Service
Kaye Rendfrey, International Service
Prasant Desai, Vocational Service


     Service above Self!  It was April 1924, less than 20 years after the founding of the first Rotary Club in Chicago, that the Pass started its Chapter at the Miramar Hotel.  During the early 1950's the meetings were moved to Annies' Restaurant at Henderson Point.  During their formative years, the Bay Club and the Pass Club often met together and had competition contests.
     The national Rotary organization had been in existence only 19 years since its founder Paul Harris and three friends met in Chicago to plan a service club composed a variety of businesses and professions.  In a similarly inspired occurrence, two local bankers, Tom Grayson of the Bank of Pass Christian and Ad Lang of Hancock Bank were approached by the Lion's Club organizer about forming a chapter in the Pass.  The two thought it was a grand idea, but were not familiar with the Lion's Club.  They had, however, been hearing about the three-year-old Rotary chapter that was doing well in Gulfport and decided they would investigate the  Rotary movement.
     After Grayson and Lang contacted the Gulfport Rotarians they immediately went about organizing the Pass.  The charter meeting was held May 5, 1924, defining the new club’s territory to encompass the city and surrounding communities of Pass Christian Isles, Henderson Point, DeLisle, Pineville and Cuevas.  Today, it remains the oldest service club in the history of Pass Christian.
Charter Members were: RV Abbley, Emile J Adam, Willaim F Adams, Luther H Barksdale, RF Bowers, WE Chaplin, Hugh W Fitzpatrick, Thomas G Grayson, Alonzo B Hayden, CE Jones, JL Jones, EA Lang, William J Leech, Sam L McGlathery, Gus Monteleone, Guy Northrop, Donald G Rafferty, AR Robertson, George R Smith, Stanley Taylor, and Frank P Whittmann, Sr.
    Boy Scout Troop #316 was chartered in 1931 by the Pass Christian Rotary Club, and has continued its sponsorship through the years.
     In 1951 the Rotarians and the local Lions Club joined together to put on an Appreciation Dinner in honor of the County Supervisors by result of their completion of the longest man made Sand Beach in the world.  Further, the Rotarians continued the "Outstanding Citizen of Pass Christian" annual award as started by the Lions in 1954.  The first honoree was Mrs. Richard (Esther) Purchner, Sr.
     The Rotarians and their "Rotary Annes" sponsored scouting early in their organizational stages.  During the summer of 1953 the Rotarian membership participated in a Hot-Dog Cook-out hosted by the Boy Scouts at Camp Robinson located on Menge Avenue.
     In 1955, J.E. Fitzwilson, having established permanent residence in the Pass for 15 years, was separately honored as a fifty year Rotarian.  He was actually one of the original founders of Rotary International and had served as vice-president during the years of 1910 and 1911 in Chicago.  "Uncle Ned" was again honored in 1959 as the oldest living past International office holder.
     In 1959, the Rotarians made an outing to a sixteenth section school district in order to promote automated machine planting of pine tree seedlings.  The Forester claimed that in 20 to 30 years the school district would realize $800 per acre from the mature pines.  While there, they were treated to a picnic style lunch consisting of po-boys, coffee, and do-nuts.
     In other promotions, the Rotarians didn't speak well of their annual fishing trip until 1970 when they claimed a record catch of 450 speckled trout of a total catch that weighed in well over 800 pounds.  The Aquatic fishermen were always accused by the other fishers of taking more food along with them than what they ever caught.
     In 1974, the Pass Rotary celebrated their fiftieth year by dedicating a plaque in War Memorial Park in memory of those who died in the service of their country.  Former Mayor Steve Saucier opened the ceremonies as Charter member E. A. Lang, Sr. unveiled the plague.
     The Pass has been famously regarded has having a number of firsts.  In October 1977, the Pass Rotary was the first organization to hold a meeting at the Coast Coliseum, preceding a tour of the yet incomplete facility.
     Another early sponsorship by Rotarians was the Doll and Toy fund.  The annual Santa Claus Parade in conjunction with toy distributions was the commencement of the current annual, and widely cherished, Christmas in the Pass.

     Exactly what is Rotary?--- many think of it as a group of local business and professional men and women who meet weekly for lunch.  Rotary is much more than that --- its members abide by the 4-Way Test.  
     Rotary International has provided its members with a succinct and meaningful answer to the question.  "Rotary is an organization of business and professional persons united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help build good will and peace in the world.
     The Rotary Motto also gives a real insight into the purpose of the organization:
Service Above Self.

"Ladies" Softball Team of 1949
Starts off with C.D. Taylor ----- then, Cary Spence, Floyd Brainard, Donald DeMetz, Tom Adams, Bill Robinson, Rip Terrell, Bill Kalif, (Then, Who?), Rand Jones, Dayton Robinson, Tom McDonald, Jim Wittmann, Bob Allen, and Bill Adams.

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