Outstanding Citizen Awards
The below listed are remembered for the role they played by giving of themselves and extending extraordinary efforts and dedication to supporting the Pass Christian community at large.  They are distinguished by having been selected by their peers as being "Outstanding Citizens of Pass Christian" for their ongoing community services through the years.   Each year, a person is selected.

Mrs. Esther Purchner
H.W. Griffon
Dr. C.D. Taylor
Rev. W.S. Allen
Owen P. Farrell
E.A. Lang, Sr.
The Sisters of Mercy
Miss E. Jane Lang
Rev. Lucius L. Cowan
Cary E. Spence
Mrs. Julia Mc Donald Everett
M.A. Stephens
Thomas B. McDonald
Mrs. Belle Taylor
Volunteer Fire Department
W. Dayton Robinson
R. Parnell McKay
Mrs. Edna F. Szymanski
Thomas F. Bourdin
E. Davis McCutchon
Richard A. Purchner, Jr.
Howard F. Haines
Russell T. Ringer
George T. Watson
Mrs. Mary Abbley
Otis B. Trepagnier
LeRoy Lizana
Frank Wittmann III
Mary Joan Fitzpatrick
Gerald W. Andresen
Donald Doyle
Coral Trepagnier
Frederick S. Kohl
Velma C. Guest
Mary Davids
Adele Bielenberg
Estella Drevar
Eaton Lang
Roland Martin
C. Randall Jones
Alice Russell
Mary Catherine Ward
Charles C. Lynch
Paul Bode
Otis Gates
Alicia R. Ellis
Jeanne Tagge
Billy Bourdin
Virgil Harris
Michelle Smith

Below displayed are some of the honorees attending the Annual Joint Rotary and Chamber Banquet

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only to find the Light!

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