The PC Garden Club was reorganized in 1950, after its earlier start in 1930, with the stated purpose to promote further interest in community beautification, conservation of natural resources, in addition to  horticulture and gardening education of its membership.

     Past Presidents of the Club, some of whom served more than one term:
Mrs. Petie Hyman
Mrs. Dorothy D. Dennis
Mrs. Samuel P. Schwing
Mrs. Doyle O. Hickey
Mrs. C.D. Taylor, Sr.
Mrs. Joseph A. Airey, Jr.
Mrs. C. Ben Maginnis
Mrs. Herman E. DeVries
Mrs. George E. Morse
Mrs. George W. Byrne
Mrs. W.L. Holcomb
Mrs. Ross B. Guest
Mrs. John C. Hans
Mrs. Alger Lancaster
Mrs. C. Roland Martin
Mrs. Leland E. Little
Mrs. Grover C. Brandt
Mrs. Mary Catherine Ward