Chamber of Commerce

Pass Christian Chamber of Commerce building at West Pass Harbor was built by the SeaBees following Hurricane Camille.


Ken Austin*, President
Scott Naugle, President-Elect
Wilma Rizzardi, Executive Director
Patrick Wild*, Treasurer
Gordon Bohn
John W. (Trey) Campbell, III
Beverly Danielson *
John Harris
Connie Jenkins
Michael LaMarca *
Charles Leggett
Howard McKissack
Mimi Parker
Don Theobald*
Gwenn Voigts
Monica Wittmann
Alicia Ellis, Ex-Officio
James Steve Dick, Ex-Officio
Lou Rizzardi, Ex-Officio
*Outgoing Directors (to be replaced)

Billy Aborn
Prasant Desai
Dan Ellis
Michelle Gilliam
Alice Russell

Ken Austin, President
Scott Naugle, President-Elect
Wilma Rizzardi, Secretary
Patrick Wild, Treasurer

     E. Davis McCutchon, President of the PC Chamber of Commerce in 1972, reported on the municipal changes following Hurricane Camille’s devastation in 1969.
     — new City Hall, new Yacht Club, new Public Library in process, new Field House Gymnasium at (the former) Pass Highschool on Second and Church streets, new St. Paul Church, new First United Methodist Church, new Trinity Church, new post office building on St. Louis St., new Handy Dandy Grocery Store, new Keg Package Liquor Store — (AND) at the East End — newly rebuilt Penthouse Condominiums, new Balius Art Gallery, new Cy Thompson’s Waterfront Restaurant, a soon to open Pirate’s Cove specializing in Krispy Chicken, (now, N.O. Po-Boys) — and newly rebuilt –  the (former) Plaza Shopping Center.

The Lyrics below were set to the tune of “When The Saints Go Marching In,” as written during a Town Meeting held on Wednesday, January 24, 1979.  
School Superintendent, Rotarian, and vice-president of the PC Chamber of Commerce — LeRoy Lizana hosted the community assembly.

Oh, Pass Christian,
You gorgeous town –
Will rise again to face the call.
We’re gonna be there in great numbers
When this town gets on the ball.

This white-capped beach,
Home of the birds,
Was antebellum from the first.
It was here that sailing started –
When the Pass first saw its birth.

Magnolia trees,
And mocking birds,
Surround the woods of this old town.
And the Shrimp boats from the harbor
Bring the oysters from the Sound.

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